Sun 14th June 2009

Posted on June 15, 2009 at 12:50 AM

moths : a warm and cloudy weekend - good conditions for moth trapping and indeed there was plenty in the trap. Over 100 species recorded but no rarities and few migrants, but Scorched Wing was only the second record for the garden - and there were two of them sticking their banana bottoms in the air.

nonsense : Pleased to have finished the last week at school with the Inspectors prowling around the place. It's not a massive deal unless you're totally incompetent (careful. . .) but you tend to overprepare which takes a lot of time, and I was only watched for 20 minutes in the classroom. I'm sure the inspectors are swell people but it does feel like you're being spied on. In the Games lesson, one of the kids shouts "Hey sir, there's an inspector hiding in the bushes" and I turned to see this guy appearing from behind a tree trunk with his clipboard!



Scorched Wing                                                                                   School Inspectors

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