Fri 26th June 2009

Posted on June 26, 2009 at 4:15 PM

birds : Picked up a grapevine message at lunchtime that a Red Kite had been seen mid-morning over the Little Chapel, so I had my lunch on Candie Road in case it appeared over the Fauxquets. It didn't, but two Buzzards were performing nicely, with another one very high, and a female Blackcap was singing oddly in a nearby tree. Wasn't gripped at all by the kite as we had one over our house in April.

moths : A bit of microscope work produced a new moth for the garden from last weekend - Coleophora deauratella.



Coleophora deauratella                                                                                             True Lover's Knot - only one or two per year in garden


nonsense : Having received my new passport a short while ago, I was surprised that it contained pictures of at least 9 species of bird. I thought perhaps that the passport office heard that I was a birder and 'pimped' my passport up accordingly. But alas, looking at Rosie's, hers was the same, so pretty standard it seems, but fab nonetheless.

There's one less baby-dangling nutjob it the world it seems - too Bad.

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