Sun 28th June 2009

Posted on June 28, 2009 at 5:30 PM

moths : This weekend was the 'Guernsey Moth Weekend' with Zoe and Les from the MothsCount project over from the UK to give a talk and host a couple of public events - and it was a really fab couple of days. Started well on Saturday morning with a new macro for the garden list - Marbled White-spot - two of them were recorded but flew off like the clappers before any photos were taken. And then it was down to Blanchlande with my full trap for joe public to look through. It was really good to see plenty of people interested in all the moths but when it was my turn to open up my trap, I felt strangely violated! Watching people rooting around in amongst the egg boxes before i'd had the chance to have a proper look made me feel quite uncomfortable and panicky - oddball Lawlor!


the local moth-trappers showing the public the merits of a quality egg box


The next morning it was down to Sablons for a session with the juniors and it was great to see them so interested in everything. One youngster was incredibly knowledgeable - he knew practically every macro on sight and seem to have memorised the book. Also Tim brought his trap from home which is above Petit Bot and it contained a couple of examples of Lappet which I've never seen before and were pretty impressive pretending to be dead leaves. Also a Bordered Sallow was pulled out from Peter's trap - a new species for Guernsey! I had learnt from the previous day and had gone through my own trap earlier in the morning and just put everything back in. They rummaged at will!


the mightily impressive Lappet


Before a fine lunch at the Imperial, I managed 20 minutes up on the Pleinmont cliffs and found a couple of Thrift Clearwing and the first Graylings of the year, as well as something else which I was sort of looking for, and has to remain hush-hush for now I'm afraid......

birds : Dipped a Spoonbill at Claire Mare, but a Green Sandpiper was present.

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