Sat 4th July 2009

Posted on July 5, 2009 at 1:00 AM

moths : An excellent haul in the trap this morning with over 110 species recorded and a few still in the fridge. The highlight was probably my second Beautiful Hook-tip in a week, but nothing rarer. There were a few more migrants including a Dark Sword-grass, a species I get very few of, and I had the darkest Dark Arches I've ever seen - we don't get a lot of melanism here in Guernsey.



a dark Dark Arches and Orache Moth, still a major rarity in the UK but becoming common here


Also had about 10 small ermine moths, half of which were identified as Orchard Ermine (Yponomeuta padella) and half as Bird-cherry Ermine (Yponomeuta evonymella). The former is the common species on the island with nests of the larvae very common on the cliffs and elsewhere, the latter is more irregular and is said to be a migrant. This genus of moths are notoriously difficult to tell apart, but these two are not so bad. The Bird-cherry is pure white with lots of tiny dots. The Orchard has a dusky wash and less spots.



Orchard Ermine (Y. padella)                        Bird-cherry Ermine (Y. evonymella)


birds : At lunchtime I headed to Port Soif to see if I could definitely confirm that the Fan-tailed Warblers have bred. The male was singing away in the sky for most of the time, and the female was also seen regularly flying low around the area. I saw her carrying food and so I assume that she has chicks in a nest. I worked out the approx area that it probably was and when I got close she stopped what she was doing and got quite agitated. Stonechats have nested there also as there was a very young juvenile seen.

nonsense : the 2007-2008 Grape Club Season was incredibly tight (here)


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