Tue 7th July 2009

Posted on July 7, 2009 at 5:45 PM

moths : Saturday night's catch was superb with over 120 species recorded, including a new species for the garden - the tiny but exquisite Argyresthia brockeela. The second garden record of Catoptria verellus was the rarest of the lot  - 2 previous Guernsey records and still very rare in the UK. Also Small Yellow Wave and Marbled White-spot were 2nd garden records, and there was Small Elephant Hawk-moth, 2 Common Lutestring, E. bankesiella and 111 Diamond-back Moths counted. And there is still a few to investigate including a strange pyralid I do not recognise.



Argyresthia brockeella                                                                              Marbled White Spot


Catoptria verellus


birds : Had my lunch in the hide at the Claire Mare on Monday. Dipped out on the Black-wit but enjoyed watching the Marsh Harrier. Also there were a couple of very pale White Wagtails obviously having bred nearby. The racial identification of the small numbers of alba wags nesting on the island is a bit confused as they are variously reported as White or as Pied by different people, and either or both forms could be nesting here in theory. In general, all the ones I have seen in mid-Summer have suggested to me White but they always seem to be in manky plumage at this time of the year and the bright sun doesn't help judging shades of grey. I am not totally happy with the identification features that are published between Pied and White - it seems more complicated to me than is implied in the books.

nonsense : Sunday was Abigail's school fete/fair/fun day which was both fun and not-so-fun at the same time. My biggest peeve was that they felt it necessary to sell beer by the plastic-pint, so there were plenty of Frank Gallagher-esque blokes wandering around swigging beer in the sunshine. Personally, I think that any school-based activity should be totally alcohol-free to set a good example to the youngsters - no wonder we have a generation of binge-drinkers! Click here for my top ten reasons to avoid school fetes.   

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