Tue 14th July 2009

Posted on July 15, 2009 at 2:00 AM

moths : On Monday evening I went to pick up Abigail from the beach, and being 10 minutes early, I had a scrabble around in the grassy area by the car park - there was a couple of the Restharrow Plume (lunaedactyla) and quite a few little tortrix moths - Grapholita compositella, plus a Dichrorampha sp. which still needs identification. Looking on my list when I got back, the compositella was a new species although I thought I had seen it before - and indeed I had when I found a photo of one from last year (I'd just forgotten to record it in the system).

Monday night I put out the trap and was rewarded with a new species for me - Phlyctaenia stachydalis - the 3rd record for Guernsey as far as I know and a species I had been looking for for a while. Similar to the commoner P. coronata, it was smaller and more 'latticed' with dark stripes.



Grapholita compositella                                                            Phlyctaenia stachydalis


nonsense : Activities Week at school and I am doing a Groundhog Day type-thing - walk to Park, walk to Beach, BBQ, walk back - sme thing every day. I was just planning to tag along but the guy leading the trips was called away at the last minute, so myself and a colleague had to plan the day's details as we went along. It went fine, with no lost children, but we were told off by the Environment Dept 'Field Officer' for BBQing on a beach without a permit!

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