Sat 8th August 2009

Posted on August 9, 2009 at 1:45 AM

birds : The first Wheatear of the autumn was noted at Port Soif. Always gives a wee tinge of excitement as it shows that migrant passerines have started to pass through, searching for these being my favourite type of birding.

moths : Thorough sorting of the moth catch of 4th Aug meant a second new species for the garden - Endothenia quadromaculana. The tiny species mentioned last post included Stigmella trimaculella, one of the few distinctive moths of this group, and two probable Cameraria ohridella, the infamous horse chestnut leaf miner. This morning's catch was poorer but included a lively, tiny moth, which may be Cosmiotes freyerella. If so, this would be a further new species for the island. Finally, the second garden record of the Mediterranean Flour Moth (Ephestia kuehniella) was found inside the house one morning, clearly having just emerged from the Guinea Pig food or bedding.



Stigmella trimaculella                                                                   Mediterranean Flour Moth


nonsense : The mighty Leeds United started off the season with a win today. After losing the lead with 15 minutes to go, it looked like a "here we go again" situation, but Beckford got the winner in the final 2 minutes. I predict a comfortable promotion to the Championship this season - unless Beckford leaves and we fail in the play-offs again. I have been enjoying looking at the archive photos on the Mirror Football website -

click here - especially liked the photo of legendary mental-case Robin Friday, flicking V's at the keeper after he scored (in here).

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