Fri 11th September 2009

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 4:35 AM

birds : The first week of school is always an organisational nightmare and this year doubly so, since we were all issued with new lap tops. It has taken most of the week to set mine up so that it has been properly useable at home. So little time for birding but it sounds like it has been quiet all week anyway, despite the easterly blow. I have seen some autumn migrants during brief stops on the way to and from work but nothing out of the ordinary. The best bird seen was the Barn Owl hunting at dusk over L'Ancresse Common right by the roadside, which they always seem to do in early Autumn. I also had a colour-ringed Little Egret at Pulias which was almost certainly a locally-bred individual.


nonsense : We had our first friendly footie match on Thursday night and we had a comfortable 6 - 1 victory and I was pleased that I wasn't too wrecked afterwards! I don't think that we will be finding it that easy this season having been promoted to div 1. And Leeds United have been winning too - 8 wins from 8 matches - quite astonishing! Abigail had a good week in year 4 and Anais started her new year at her re-designed pre-school successfully although it was clearly a bit too much for her.


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