Fri 4th December 2009

Posted on December 4, 2009 at 10:50 PM

birds : The winds finally turned North this week and so it was time to seawatch and pull out a Leach's. Not me of course though 'cos I had to be at work! I did manage a few brief efforts from Pulias and saw plenty of Kittiwakes each day. On Thursday I also saw two distant skuas which were probably Poms but I didn't have my 'scope that day. It was very frustrating because that day looked excellent for seabirds and other people did indeed pull out a couple of petrels.


nonsense : Swine flu melodrama as both Aidan and Anais were sent home from school this week because they 'apparently' had a temperature. They didn't look very ill at all but this evening they were both asleep by tea time so they probably are sick. It is Anais' birthday today - 4 years old already.


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