Mon 7th December 2009

Posted on December 8, 2009 at 1:15 AM

birds : I was hoping to plug a few gaps in my year list during the weekend, but due to circumstance I didn't get out birding at all. I did see a diver fly out of Perelle Bay which was probably a Black-throated, but it was too distant in the bins to be sure.


moths : Not much activity in these chilly months, but I have had another Mediterranean Flour Moth, a regular sighting in the kitchen nowadays. Also at the window this weekend was this rather fresh Winter Moth.


Winter Moth


nonsense : The weekend was an unmitigated disaster zone. Due to their illness and mixed-up sleeping patterns, the little ones decided that the middle of the night was in fact morning, so a 3.30 start for me. Then at breakfast time Anais smuggled a whole tub of Olivio spread past me and decided that it would look good all over Aidan's bedroom. So Saturday morning was spent with a bowl of soapy water removing the slime from everything in the room. After lunch we had our football match against the top of the league, and the heavy pitch and various freakish goals resulted in a 7 - 1 loss, our worst result for 2 seasons. Then at bedtime, Aidan started to develop some kind of rash all over his body and he woke up at 10 30 crying with massive 'wheels' all over him. I had to call Rosie back from her night out and she took him up the hospital to get it checked out. It was just a side effect of his illness apparently but he was very troubled by the "scrapes" as he called the itching. So my early night turned into a late night, but he was quickly recovered. The next morning I had the joy of attending a Church service since Abigail was doing a few songs with her school choir. It was nice to see her singing but sitting through the rest of it was painful in the extreme. If people like to go to church every Sunday then that's fine but it's certainly not for me. The low point was the Hymns - it must be quite difficult to write songs that sound exactly the same. Then by lunchtime, it became clear that Rosie was now ill and that was the end of the weekend.

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