Tue 5th January 2010

Posted on January 5, 2010 at 2:25 PM

birds : After 24 hours of investigation, the diver appears to be a definite PACIFIC DIVER - absolutely incredible. I have been in touch with Pacific Diver expert Martin Garner and he is happy with the ID from the photos. In fact he kindly annotated Paul's photo with the key ID features.



In a 'British' context, I think this is no doubt the rarest bird that I have ever found/Id'd myself with only a few previous records (although my 2nd for the Western Palearctic is technically rarer on a W Pal scale). Of course, as one may predict, there was no sign of it today and it had in fact been replaced by a 'standard' Black-throated Diver! Even in the dusky light that I saw this one, it was so different from yesterday's bird in jizz - and this one had blazingly white rear flanks too thank goodness. Also the presence of both in Grandes Havres at the moment means that anyone who has seen Black-throated Diver there in the last week or so may have to consult their field notes to decide which they had.

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