Tue 30th June 2015

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 4:45 PM

No birding has been going on for me. During the summer I could spend time searching for birds but you really need to put in the time to find interesting things at this time of year. The only record I inputted into the system for June was of 5 Sanderling on Vazon beach on 1st. I have been carrying out the BTO House Martin survey though and have found two sites where House Martins are nesting in my 1km square, with only 1 active nest in each apparently. This does not seem that many to me - I know there used to be more nests present round here.

However, finding new and interesting insects is damn easy in the summer! One of my favourite spots on the island are the grassy slopes above at Mont Herault. If the weather is fine, there can be large numbers of insects on the wing, and it never fails to produce some good sightings. I visited on 7th June and found 15+ Glanville Fritillaries flying about amongst numerous Five-spot Burnets. I saw a brief greyish and reddish dragonfly briefly, which had clearly just arrived on the clifftops. It disappeared quickly but I think it was probably a female Red-veined Darter but I couldn't be sure. A new macro-moth tick was found, a Clouded Buff, but it was all mangled unfortunately. Thrift Clearwings were easy to find and I saw new species of beetle, bee and jumping spider, plus other things I would never be able to identify.

Mont Herault

The clifftop habitat at Mont Herault

Thrift Clearwing

Thrift Clearwing and lichen - Mont Herault, 7 Jun 15

Glanville Fritillary MHer 7Jun15

Glanville Fritillary - Mont Herault, 7 Jun 15

Clouded Buff - Mont Herault, 7 Jun 15 - looks like it was unable to get out of its pupa without damaging itself

I finally got around to uploading some sound-recording software onto my phone and, despite it being quite a basic program, it seems to do a decent job. This probably spells the end for my Remembird. Not that I don't think it is excellent and will always be better quality than my phone, but there's no need really to carry two gadgets which do the same thing. The best thing that the Remembird did was to record for some seconds before you even pressed record which is very useful in the field. However, I can't think about much I would have missed recording if it didn't have that feature. The batteries kept running down and it was always stuck in the bottom of my bag, so often I couldn't be bothered digging it out unless it felt important. At least my phone is always easy-access and I can upload the sound files through the wifi straight onto my computer. But we'll see how it pans out - I may go back. Below is a recording of a singing Blackcap from Le Guet mid-month.

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Adela croesella

Adela croesella - Garenne, 8 Jun 15

Adela croesella

Melanotus punctolineatus

Melanotus punctolineatus - Bordeaux Harbour, 14 Jun 15 - this rather impressive click-beetle was found amongst the coastal grass on the headland overlooking the harbour and is a first record for Guernsey (although it has been seen on Herm). Found whilst urinating!

Small Seraphim - garden MV trap, 13 Jun 15 - a macro-moth tick for me.

Feverfew (above) & Large-flowered Evening Primrose (below) - Saltpans, 20 Jun 15 - the large industrial-site-in-waiting at Saltpans is full of plants and insects at the moment, incuding these two new plants for me. Lets hope it stays like that as long as possible.

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