The Great Escaup


Based on a true story, "The Greater Scaup" deals with the largest wildfowl escape attempt from a WWT prison camp since the Second World War. The first part of the film focuses on the escape efforts within the Slimbridge camp and the process of secretly digging an escape tunnel and avoiding the dreaded “wing-clipping” of the guards. The second half of the film deals with the massive effort by the Rarities Committee to track down the over 70 escaped wildfowl  who are at this point scattered throughout the Lakes and Reservoirs of Britain attempting to masquerade as genuine vagrants. Starring Kori McQueen as Capt. Greta Scaup “The Cooler King”, James Gander as Flight Lt. Mandie, David Attenborough as Sqn. Ldr. Roger Ruddy, James Donald Duck as Group Capt. Bufflehead, Lars Bronsson as Flight Lt. Hoodie, Donald Pheasants as Flight Lt. Canvas von Back and Rooster Coburn as Flying Officer Beaky.



The Man with the Golden Scope


Sing along everyone . . . . . " He has a powerful weapon, he charges a million a look. A birdwatcher second to none. The Man with the Golden Scope. Lurking on Herriott's Bridge, or crouched in his car if it rains. In the next hide, or this very one, The Man with the Golden Scope. Stringing's required, whenever he's hired, it comes just before his lunch. No-one can catch him, no birder can match him, for his million dollar skill . . . . . . . . . "


Reservoir Ducks

Six criminals, who are strangers to each other, are hired by Ruddy Duck boss “Stiff” Joe Cabot to carry out a robbery at DEFRA Headquarters. Right at the outset, they are given false names with an intention that they won't get too close and concentrate on the job instead. They are completely sure that the raid is going to be a success and all the cull weapons will be disposed of. But when the RSPB show up at the exact time and site of the robbery, panic spreads amongst the group members and one of them is killed in the subsequent shootout along with a few DEFRA marksmen and civilian Coots. When the remaining ducks assemble at the premeditated rendezvous point (Chew), they begin to suspect that one of them is an undercover White-headed Duck.

Inglourious Bustards

Nazi occupied Arabia, and a young refugee Florrie Cann witnesses the slaughter of her family by Colonel Otto Lanbuntz. Narrowly escaping with her life, she plots her revenge several years later when expert falconer Prince Sheik Alottabooti quickly takes an interest in her and arranges an illustrious hunting party at the game reserve she now runs. With the promise of every major Nazi officer in attendance, the event catches the attention of the "Bustards", a group of guerrilla soldiers led by the ruthless Lt. Otis Tarda. As the relentless executioners advance and the conspiring young girl's plans are set in motion, their paths will cross for a fateful evening that will shake the very annals of history.