Hanging up the boots

The 2011-2012 was my last season playing 90 minute, open-age, full-size football. I was finding it too physically demanding, but I do plan to continue with five-a-side football for fun. Luckily, Lydia M. was at hand with her camera to record the historical occasion of my final match in April:


Guernsey Police F.C. - results

IAG Saturday League, Guernsey

Season 2011-2012 --- Div 2 --- 5th place

Season 2010-2011 --- Div 1 --- 7th place --- relegated

Season 2009-2010  ---  Div 1 ---  5th place

Season 2008-2009  ---  Div 2 ---  1st place --- promoted as champions


Lalarinho got 'da Skillz 2 pay 'da Billz


Football photos

 Guernsey Police F.C. 2009 (we're not old, we're experienced)

Probably the last football medal I shall win - Division 2 Champions 2009.

 Delancey Park - the theatre of dreams


The defenders cower as Lalarinho delivers another thunderbolt at goal.

"Honest ref. I was going for the ball!"

Lalarinho is cruelly hacked down by the opposition winger. The spectators are literally incandescent with rage at such a vicious assult.




Junior Whites

Just recently re-found my old Junior Whites membership card from when we were last fighting for promotion into the First Division. Me and my mates would get the train into Leeds City Centre and walk the few miles to the ground. We used to pay about £2:50 to stand in the Lowfields stand, getting there about an hour early to get a good spot. Good times - "Billy Bremner's Barmy Army!!".